The aim of the Polish Brokers LTD is to help Polish people living in the UK who want to buy property. It is quite complicated process, and certainly one of the most important decisions you can make which often requires the greatest financial commitment in life.

This commitment brings with it also deciding on a mortgage. Buying property and what the processes are: finding a house, finding a mortgage, finding an insurance and settlement of formal legal matters in non-native language makes the risk of making the wrong decision huge. And that can often lead to large financial losses not to mention lost time and health.

Polish Brokers LTD collaborating with estate agencies as well as the Polish solicitors in the UK will provide you with comfort in going through the whole process. We will advise on the choice of property, help in negotiating the price, advise on choosing a mortgage, provide legal assistance referrals and will also search for the appropriate property insurance and health / Income/ life insurance that suits your needs.